What the Money Buys

Thank you for showing an interest in supporting Alive&Well. We exist solely on the generosity of our sponsors and donors and depend on them for the funds that we use to bring safe water to thousands of people in Pujehun District, Sierra Leone.

You can support us by making a donation and when you do you will know that 98% of your money goes directly to the projects on the ground in Sierra Leone. So what does your donation buy?

General sponsorship and cost of well drilling:

Every contribution large and small changes lives. We need to raise over £8000 a year to keep the crew going with wages, fuel, materials,  pumps for the wells, repairs and all manner of ancillary costs. Your help, however large or small, is invaluable – it is the life-blood of those that are waiting for their community’s turn to hear the sound of the rig arriving to bring them cool, liquid hope.

  • £25 Buys the diesel to run the Landrover and Dando drilling rig for a week while a well is  drilled
  • £95 Buys the materials, needed to create the bore-hole once the rig has drilled the hole
  • £50 Pays for the materials to create the concrete capping stand on which a pump must sit to avoid water pooling and  consequent mosquito haze.
  • £100 Pays the crew’s wages (two local crew members) to drill two wells which will provide water for 500 or more people
  • £380 Pays for an India Mk II water pump
  • £750 Covers the full cost of supporting the crew for a month and the creation of two wells in two villages. Includes: wages, food, diesel, materials, manufacture of two rope pumps, piping, cement and concrete aggregates, backfill materials, etc


Well Projects:

Bringing these well projects forward in time means that these communities can begin to address such otherwise impossible ideas as making a living, creating small businesses, thereby trading and moving beyond subsistence. On an individual basis children can go to school when they don’t have to fetch water, and, of course, when they are no longer sick from the infected water they have had to drink in the past.

  • £4,000 Funds the crew for 6 months (10 wells in 10 communities giving safe water to around 3000 people. This is saving and changing lives on a huge scale
  • £8,000 Provides a living for two crew members and all the equipment costs, materials, manufacturing and ancillaries required to drill 18 wells bringing safe water to around 5000 people.

Sponsorship opportunities:

We have exciting plans to expand our reach and effect in Sierra Leone which we can only achieve with your help. However there are opportunities for remedial projects as well as new projects. In Africa nothing is ever straightforward and we are committed to helping communities with their water supply in what ever way we are able.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities then the following have been identified. There are others in the pipeline. For more details contact Paul Dowding, Chair of Alive&Well, to discuss how you can help our work in Pujehun District.

Sponsorship opportunity

1. Re-drilling of three deep wells in Massa (Pujeh) Village in Barri Chiefdom, Pujehun District, Sierra Leone, providing pumps and education in maintenance.

The project has been identified by Senesi Fawundu of the PDO, after having been approached by the Chief of the village for help. Wherever the Need (WtN) drilled three wells in the village of Massa (Pujeh) a large village (population estimated at 1,000 people) using their small Consallen drilling rig approximately two years ago. The wells were topped with Consallen manufactured Indian Mk1 pumps. These pumps were relatively inexpensive, compared to German equivalents for example, but require maintenance which is beyond the capability of the villagers.

When the flow rate started to drop the Chief, in good faith and wanting to ensure the water supply for his people took the pumps to Bo where a technician was contracted to refurbish them. The pumps probably only needed new seals but the Chief had not remembered this from the briefing by WtN two years earlier. The pumps have subsequently disappeared (i.e. have been stolen) and the ‘technician’ with them. The wells were damaged and made unusable when the pumps were removed.

The Chief is distraught and the people of the community are without clean water again. The Chief approached WtN to ask if the charity could help them. WtN’s funds are all allocated for this year’s project allocations in SL and are not in a position to help. Also, they no longer have a drilling rig either as A&W has taken on the drilling function.

Senesi Fawundu of PDO has therefore approached A&W to ask for support for these villagers. The Trustees of A&W have agreed to support the villagers in principle and have raised a project to drill the wells. However A&W are not in a position to fund this work from reserves as these are also currently all allocated to existing Orange Crew drilling projects. The Trustees have agreed that the Orange Crew will break from their drilling schedule at the earliest opportunity to re-drill these wells and provide our rope pumps which are manufactured in our workshop in Bo the regional capital.

A&W have therefore instigated the following fundraising initiative to seek funds to deliver this project.

Sponsorship opportunity:

Drilling(wages, diesel, subsistence, PDO supervision / maintenance training cost)Materials(pipes, curved concrete blocks, cement, backfill gravel, pipe shoes)Pump manufactureAdditional casings for deeper wells (see July* quote below) £870.00£620.00 £870.00 £1,200.00
Total cost of wells at Messa (Pujeh) £3,560.00


Sponsorship opportunity 2.

Purchase of a second Dando drilling rig which will provide the focus for developing a second crew in Sierra Leone.

Alive&Well have been offered a secondhand Dando drilling rig of the type that we specify for Sierra Leone. It has all the necessary certification and is in excellent condition. We need funds to purchase the rig which will then become the hub for a new crew in Sierra Leone planned for 2013.

The intention is to find a team of people who want to become a fundraising team and act as sponsors for a second crew. We would normally encourage a team to form and then undertake their own fund raising initiatives to fund a drilling rig and vehicle that they would then take out to Sierra Leone themselves where they would train the crew and work alongside them for three weeks on what would be a lifesaving adventure of a lifetime.

As we have been offered the rig, and it will save us £15,000, we are keen to find a sponsor/s to help us buy this rig now. If we can purchase this rig now then we will have a head start in creating a new UK team around it who will then generate the momentum and funds to bring the second full crew on-stream in 2013

Expedition Opportunity

A new UK team is needed (up to 8 people) to form the next Alive&Well Drilling Expedition to Sierra Leone in 2013-2014. The team should be a group of like-minded individuals who want an adventure and to make a real tangible difference in the world… and save lives.

Alive & Well are offering the opportunity of a lifetime for a group of 4-5 people to travel with a drilling rig and vehicle to Sierra Leone, stay with the local communities and drill water wells. Mirroring our first expedition in 2010 the new UK team will be provided with:

  • Full registered charity support for fund raising activities
  • A comprehensive support package to help every step of the way
  • An experienced expedition mentor
  • A fully developed expedition template that will guide and support the team (but not control or restrict it)

You will receive as much support as you want and need – you’ll decide. There are a few rules that define the equipment type that Alive&Well specifies for our projects and the NGO that you will be working with but how you raise the funds and how you organise your team will be entirely down to you. You will need expedition members and others that don’t want to go but who will provide support and fundraising help.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for an adventure and to save lives at the same time. This is not a holiday/charity outing, this is a full blown expedition into the rainforest of one of the most isolated places on earth.

Expedition and new crew set-up including rig and vehicle. Budget £45,000.00 

Sponsorship opportunity 3.

Purchase of a replacement vehicle for the Orange crew in Sierra Leone.

Alive& Well have already provided a Landrover for the crew in Pujehun. However it is an old vehicle which, whilst it has provided 18 months of good service for the crew, is now starting to deteriorate and is beginning to cost money to maintain. The real problem we face is that the cost of repairs and spares in Africa are high and getting higher all the time.

We desperately need a new vehicle to provide the stability and security for the Orange Crew to really become as efficient and effective in their drilling operations as possible.

Alive& Well plan to ‘double shift’ the existing Dando 2000 rig by creating a second crew that will leapfrog with the existing Orange Crew. By this we mean that while the Orange crew spends 2-3 days capping off the well and fitting the pump the second crew could take the rig and begin the next well in the next community.

This would have the effect of enabling us to utilize the rig (we purchased the most rugged and best build rig made for this very reason) to twice the effect and drill twice as many wells in any given time frame. This of course requires a second vehicle. Our thinking is that the new vehicle will be used solely for pulling the 2 tonne rig and the old Landrover will be retired from the rigors of the almost impassable roads to become a personal carrier only. In this way we believe that we can reduce the wear and tear and need for constant maintenance.

In order to achieve our goal we need to purchase a new Toyota Landcruiser. Why Landcruiser? Every NGO and charity working in SL uses Toyotas and for that reason every mechanic knows how to repair them. The spares are also more readily available than those required for the Landrover. All second hand vehicles in Sierra Leone cost 3 times the cost of a similar vehicle in the UK, even if you can source them (there are no pick-ups in the UK as they do not pass the stringent regulations).What does that mean?

We have approached Toyota and they have special arrangements for Charities and NGOs, they will deliver ‘to our door’ – no mean feat in Sierra Leone!

Sponsorship opportunities:

New Toyota Landcruiser J series Pick-up £23,500.00