How can you help Alive & Well?

If you would like to help there are many ways in which you can:

Donate money

Our fundraising efforts do not stop now just because we have paid for our first project. On the contrary we now have a different set of objectives to meet and hurdles to overcome.

Our next hurdle is to raise the funds to advertise in a Sunday broadsheet magazine to generate new groups who want an adventure with a purpose, to save lives adventurously.  We hope to attract groups of friends or colleagues that want to undertake a challenge and make a difference to the world…   (if you like how that idea sounds then send us an email at )

The Local Crew will be funded to drill wells for the poorest villages and communities, those that cannot afford to pay for the drilling.   How?  We are going to enter an agreement with them that if they deliver a schedule of wells to the communities in the are then we will pay them a wage at the end of each month. In this way the drilling is subsidised to benefit the poorest most disenfranchised.

Longevity and continuity is vital to ensure that the equipment delivers  water wells in the most efficient way. This means continuity in the crew and we want to ensure that everything we send out to them is in good working order and branded so that the crew feels part of, not just working for, the charity. We hope that Alive and Well will achieve the goal of delivering practical help, by providing water, in the right way, with integrity and openness.

If you feel you can help us then please make a donation on our donations page  


Buy a piece of equipment

Sponsor an entire village

Donate equipment

Donate your expertise

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