Immediate Aim

The charity Alive & Well has a very clear, simple focus: To sink water wells in villages in West Africa, specifically the Pujehun district of Sierra Leone in order to put in place a firm foundation for each village community to be able to build a stable and healthy future for life.

We will not finish working with a community until free, safe, sustainable and sufficient water has been provided, or it is not possible to accomplish this using the technology and equipment available to us.

We intend…

Aims1To provide drilling equipment, tools, safety apparatus and comprehensive training to local crews to enable them to drill water bore-holes, create well heads and fix pumps of sufficient capacity to provide clean sustainable water to the immediate community.

To determine villages and locations in the Pujehun region with the greatest need. A correctly established bore-hole should supply sufficient clean water for 250 people. Villages in the region vary greatly in size and our plan is to work closely with our NGO partner, the Pujehun Development Organisation (PDO), the local communities and community leaders prior to starting work in any chiefdom so that we can identify those communities with the greatest need.

  1. To arrange suitable transport and access for the rig, crew and equipment to those villages.
  2. To support the crews with a living wage for themselves and their families while they undertake the drilling and installation of wells and pumps.
  3. To ensure that no village is charged or payment accepted for the provision of the community well.
  4. To support the development of local skills and trades directly associated with the drilling process, well heads and pump maintenance, to thereby enable villages and communities to become self-sufficient and maintain and repair their pumps and wells into the future.
  5. To develop our relationship with the PDO our partner in the region, to help build a robust and sustainable in country management structure.
  6. To become expert in the provision of water bore-holes and pumps in rural communities and expand the model into other areas of similar need.
  7. To seek innovative ways to further our aims and create relationships with parallel organisations sharing similar aspirations.

We wish for the wells to be permanently available to the communities in the region. To achieve this we have to ensure the rig is located in and managed by the crew in the villages they are working, the PDO oversee the working closely and all work is undertaken under our specific direction. We supply all the equipment, financial support and materials necessary to maintain this system and closely monitor the progress.


Whilst we fully understand there are many elements needed to create a sustainable community, water is fundamental. Beyond this, we work in close partnership with the charity ‘Wherever the Need’ (WTN), who specialise in providing sanitation, livelihoods and education projects in the Pujehun district.