Rory’s Well

roryswell11Tony & Karen Evans have been very supportive of Alive & Well over the last few years. Tragically their son, Rory, died in a car crash between Christmas and New Year 2013. They want to create something life-giving and positive to celebrate Rory’s life, and this is “Rory’s Well”.

roryswell1Alive & Well have been drilling water wells in the remote Pujehun District of Sierra Leone since 2010. We have a fully salaried local Alive & Well crew carrying out the work. The crew use a Dando 2000 percussion drilling rig and support vehicles to provide wells for the remote villages of Barri Chiefdom.

roryswell2Sierra Leone has the highest infant mortality rate in the world and the 3rd highest maternal mortality rate. These terrible statistics are primarily caused by diseases from contaminated water. Our wells significantly improve the health prospects for both infants and mothers. They also free up the villagers from fetching and carrying water from contaminated rivers and pools, and gives them the health and opportunity to focus on life building activities, education and livelihoods.

roryswell3The original plan was to sink 1-3 wells in Taninahun, a village of approximately 800 people in the Barri Cheifdom in the South East of the Pujehun District. Each well is sunk by the Alive & Well crew, lined and fitted with an “India Mark II” hand operated pump with a concrete surround.

Wells are regularly maintained and a person in the village is responsible for ensuring the well is kept in good order and any problems reported.

roryswell4The response to Rory’s Well has been amazing and over £20,000 has been raised to date in remembrance of Rory. So many people have contributed and raised funds for Rory’s Well through so many different events.

This generosity has allowed us to do so much in Sierra Leone in Rory’s memory, and we drilled 9 wells in 2014 before the wet season and Ebola brought progress to a halt. These were all checked at the beginning of 2015 and are all functioning well.

roryswell5A further 5 wells have been drilled in 2015 now that Ebola is starting to come under control, with a further 5 planned before the rains start in May/June. We hope to go out later in the year to dedicate all of the wells, but that will be dependent on Ebola and the availability of flights.

In addition to drilling wells, Rory’s Well has also funded a motor bike for transporting the Alive and Well crew between remote villages, sponsored a girl’s education, sorted the generator that pumps water for 1,000 boys in Bo School, and during the Ebola crisis, funded and distributed sanitation products and rice.


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Please help us to drill more wells in Rory’s memory:

We visited Seirra Leone in March 2014 to dedicate the first of Rory’s Wells in Taninahun village. It was an amazing experience and the following video gives you a flavour of the trip.