Project: Dia Primary School

Dia is a remote village of 800 people, located across the Moa river in the east of Barri Chiefdom. The village had only one well, which was very over used and failed in the dry season, so water was sourced from contaminated springs. Alive & Well has drilled three wells at different locations in the village, and supplied and fitted India Mk 2 hand pumps.

Update 2015: The three wells are working satisfactorily

Dia Primary School:

In December 2015, after the rainy season had subsided and it was possible to cross the Moa River on the ferry, the Alive & Well drilling crew returned to Dia, to drill a further well at the Primary School. This well has been sponsored by the amazing fundraising efforts of the children, staff and parents at Marksbury Primary School. This is the first step in creating lasting links between the two schools, and the children have already gathered teaching materials and books, which will be presented to the school in Dia during a project monitoring visit in February 2016.

  • Moa river ferry (to Dia School)
    Crossing the Moa River, on the way to Dia Primary School
  • Moa river ferry (to Dia) 2
    Unloading the ferry, after crossing the Moa River
  • Moving to Dia School (from Ferry)
    On the road to Dia Primary School
  • Dia School 8
    Arriving at Dia Primary School
  • Dia School 3
    Drilling for water at Dia Primary School
  • Dia School 11
    Drilling in progress
  • Dia School 13
    Lining the new borehole, Dia Primary School
  • Dia School
    The new well, capped and sealed, waiting for the pump to be fitted