Project: Niahun

Niahun is a remote community of approximately 1,600 people in the northeast of Barri Chiefdom, close to Tiwai Island Nature Reserve. Working on behalf of our partners Wherever the Need, Alive & Well have drilled three wells at different locations in the village and installed India Mk2 pumps, now supplying reliable clean water for the first time.

  • IMG-20150622-WA0007
    Installing the pump base on the drilled borehole
  • IMG-20150622-WA0006
    Fitting the India Mk2 pump
  • IMG_20150622_131427
    Clean water!
  • Niahun 1
    Niahun, well number 1
  • Niahun 2
    Niahun, well number 2
  • Niahun 3
    Niahun, well number 3