How you can help Alive & Well

There are many ways in which you could help Alive & Well. You could:

Donate money

We are always developing our fundraising efforts to meet our ongoing responsibilities and objectives.

For example, we have recently replaced the original vehicle that we supplied to the drilling crew with a converted Iveco fire engine which we believe will be a much better vehicle to pull a two tonne drilling rig and carry all of the necessary equipment. Here is a short film about a truck named Ma!, and how you can help:


How-you-can-help-2To provide drilling equipment, tools, safety apparatus and comprehensive training to local crews to enable them to drill water bore-holes, create well heads and fix pumps of sufficient capacity to provide clean sustainable water to the immediate community.

All of the above was supported by donations from individuals and organisations. We would welcome your support to help us continue our work.

You could help in many other ways, such as:

  • fundraising on our behalf
  • buying a piece of equipment
  • sponsoring an entire village
  • donating equipment
  • donating your expertise

• Find out what more about what your money can achieve