Dia School receive the urgent spare parts needed

This is the well site in the village of Día which is a remote village of 800 people, located across the Moa river to the east of Barri.

In 2015, after the floods subsided from the rainy season, Alive & Well managed to send the rig and drilling team across to this village and drill a third well primarily to serve the Dia school.  Wells are typically able to serve up to 200 people and so it was clear the two wells we had already supplied to the village were struggling to keep up with the demand for a consistent supply throughout the year.   This third well was achieved by funding from several sources, but mainly through an incredible effort by the pupils of Marksbury Primary School and the organisation of Barnaby Elphick, one of our founding Trustees who we sadly lost to cancer in 2019, aged just 65.  Through their fundraising sufficient money was raised to buy the pump and pay for our team to get to the site and drill the new bore hole.

Now, some 7 years later the pump seals and liner were beginning to fail from the constant use, so we arranged for the team to revisit, fit the spares we supplied and complete this vital repair.  In celebration of Barnaby’s memory we are also mounting a memorial plaque in the village so that his work and the dedication he showed to our charity and the children of this village will never be forgotten.

We are pleased to report the well is now once again providing an excellent supply of clean water and the villages want to thank all who donated and who made this possible.  The two schools have also maintained contact with each other and the pupils continue to enjoy written exchanges and photographs.

If you would like to help a village in this region, sponsor a well or contribute any donation so that we can continue our work in this area, we would love to hear from you and assure you that every penny donated will help with the provision of clean water for the people of this still beleaguered country.