Alive & Well Maintained


News-3Alive & Well’s new 5 year strategic plan sets out what we want to achieve

After 8 years and with your generous help we have drilled 80 wells and brought safe water to over 16,000 people.

We have come to see that our primary responsibility to our supporters and the people of Sierra Leone is to ensure that all the wells that our supporters have made possible are sustainable.

So we are going to:

  • enable every community and village to maintain it’s own well/s
  • ensure that there is/are individuals with the skills needed to repair and maintain the pumps in every village
  • hand-over (once they are ready) responsibility for their own wells and pups to those communities with our continuing support with parts and replacements as needed

Our new 5 year strategic plan says:

With your support we now have 80 wells and pumps in operation and we are very proud of that achievement. In moving to community led water source management we will be re-allocating resources from drilling to maintenance.

We also believe that over time we can encourage communities to take ownership by asking them for a small donation towards maintenance, for example 50p per family per year. This approach has proved very successful for other charities doing similar work in other countries. Such contributions have been seen to encourage communities to make sure that their wells and pumps are kept in working condition.

We need your help

So we are asking for your help in funding the maintenance and training programmes so that the wells that you have funded so generously will keep providing water in the future. The current biggest killers, protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A and typhoid fever are still only a pump breakdown away.

The phases of our Alive & Well Maintained project:


Alive & Well check, test, repair and maintain the pumps

Well Committees trained by Alive & Well to:

  • manage well hygiene and train the villagers to keep the well safe from disease – ‘Don’t Die’ campaign begins
  • maintain their pumps


Well Committees monitor and maintain wells and pumps

  • our team will check Well Committees’ maintenance and well-head hygiene
  • our team will train Well Committees to repair / replace pumps
  • Alive & Well will introduce ‘It’s Our Well’ scheme – villagers to pay a nominal fee for their upkeep


Well Committee self sufficiency

  • villagers pay a small well maintenance fee
  • Well Committees undertake repairs up to and including replacing a pump
  • Alive & Well transitions to a funding spares and replacemts and a water availability and safety monitoring role

Help us to help the villagers help themselves

Make a donation today and begin the process of creating a sustainable water supply for 16,000 people

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