Continuing Repairs in Pujehun

So, it is presently the dry season in Sierra Leone and we have been continuing with the repair and maintenance of our existing wells.  Regretfully the photos we receive from the team are not always perfect, but they give a good feel of the ongoing works and the villages they are helping.  Many pumps and wells have been repaired since the last post but it is not always possible to get pictures or updates due to problems with inconsistent internet and general communications in the country, an issue that has been exacerbated by the covid epidemic. We often have to rely on telephone updates from Senesie Fawundu, our representative from the Pujehun Development Organisation who has been invaluable to us in keeping the maintenance on track and who assists us generally with the work we do in the region.

This is a repair in the village of Dia with the local people waiting patiently for the first bucket after the restoration of water to the community.

(apologies for the picture quality)

and this in Basu a nearby village taken on the same day,

In Bandasuma there was a small celebration when the pump was restored to full working order.

The work continues.

We hope to bring further news of a return to drilling new wells in 2022/3, but this is dependant on further funding and so we are reaching out to our sponsors and donors to see if we are able to raise the extra monies required.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, every penny goes to saving lives.