More funding required to permanently fix temporary repairs

In a country where resources are limited, repairs are constrained not only by the restricted funding available but also by the general economic conditions in Sierra Leone and the limited availability of parts.  Employing makeshift remedies can sometimes be the only way to keep water flowing in a village or school, even if it is only to tide them over on a short term basis!

Such temporary repairs are however rarely satisfactory and we always try to get to more permanent measures as soon as possible.  Of course it is all down to funding and as soon as we have funds to buy appropriate new parts the team are sent out to the problem wells for correct repair as soon as possible.

When we achieve this the celebrations and thanks can be clearly seen on the faces of the schools and villages where clean reliable water is again established.

This is Shenge School, near the coast in Western Pujehun, was seen this week celebrating the new and long term repair of their well!

Please donate if you feel you are able,  every £1 counts and can help with the costs of maintaining and repairing wells and improving the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.