Sad Loss of friend to Alive & Well

It was with much sadness we received the news of the death of Tony Evans.  On September 14th 2020 Tony, father of Rory Evans, passed away after a short but peaceful fight with pancreatic cancer.  Tony and his wife Karen Binns have been a huge support and influence on Alive & Well and over the years we have worked closely with Rory’s Well, the charity formed in memory of their son who was tragically lost in a car accident just days after his 18th birthday in December 2013.

Tony was a strong, creative and dynamic character, always willing to be involved and offer his expertise, humour and wealth of knowledge in so many areas.  He worked closely with us on our choice of new vehicle for towing the drilling rig in Sierra Leone and then in the acquisition of the fire truck ‘Ma!’ which he also helped collect from Berlin and drive to the UK.   He assisted with many of the technicalities involved in our drilling systems and was always available to offer invaluable advice when needed.

Tony was respected and loved by many and leaves his wife Karen, son Max and daughter Kate. They are much in our thoughts and despite the hardships they have faced we know they will continue the great work of Rory’s Well in both his and Rory’s memory.