Clean water returns to Njala Village

Finally clean water returns to Njala Village!

Due to various problems the village of Njala has been without use of their well for some time and this has been of great concern to both Alive & Well and the PDO (our in country NGO).  Finally however we have managed to raise sufficient funds and overcome the various other obstacles preventing the repair and were able to give the go ahead for our team to travel there with all the necessary parts.

This was completed last week and clean water was re-established in the village

As always this could not  have been done without the generosity of our supporters and so Alive and Well, Senesi Fawundi of the PDO and of course all the villagers of offer their great thanks to everyone who has over the last few weeks been able to make a donation, even if it may have been only a few pounds,  it finally made clean water in Njala Village possible.  In circumstances like this just the smallest of amounts will sometimes make the difference between being able to go ahead or not.

You can make a difference to a village by donating today or setting up a standing order for as little as £3.00 a month which will transform the lives of people in villages such as Njala.  We are desperate for more funding and ask that if you sometimes feel you want to help people who are worse off than yourself, you consider a donation.  This can be done easily and made through any of the methods on our donating pages if you feel able.

As always we thank you for reading this latest post and look forward to keeping friends of Alive & Well updated as we proceed to repair, maintain and perhaps drill more wells in this region.

Many thanks