Marksbury Primary School build links with school in Sierra Leone

Dia Primary School, Sierra Leone:

On Tuesday 5th January, Barnaby Elphick from Alive & Well visited the children and staff at Marksbury Primary School to give them an update on how things have progressed since their fundraising event in June 2015. As the presentation was to the whole school, the children were shown a recent Alive & Well film, and updated with lots of photos from the last monitoring visit which they thoroughly enjoyed.

In return, the students who make up the the Pupil Council, formally stood up and told Alive & Well that they have had a discussion and agreed that they want to adopt Alive & Well as their preferred charity, so that they can continue to develop links with Dia and the children at the school – which was very heartwarming!

They then went on to tell Alive & Well that they’ve held three other fundraising events since the one in June 2015 and made a presentation of two cheques, totalling £194.00. The children also presented a large box of stationary for the school, and another box of new stationary like pencil sets, crayons, pads, etc, that had been collected by the children to be given out amongst the children at Dia School.

This wonderful fundraising effort by the children is planned to be the first of many to build lasting links between the two schools in Marksbury, UK and Dia, Sierra Leone.

Thank you!