Maintenance of Alive & Well pumps continues

In these times of high risk, both from Sierra Leone’s numerous endemic diseases and now the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it is even more important we ensure the many villages who have come to rely on clean water from the wells we have drilled over the last 10 years, continue to be protected from the constant additional risk of waterborne diseases.

Potoru well, Pujehun. June 2020

When we undertook our initial drilling expedition in 2010, we were amazed by how many wells over the years had been established by organisations who had seen how desperate the need was in the Pujehun region and wanted to help, but whose pumps had then failed after only a few years and were left derelict because they were not supported.   When we arrived, we found most of these were unsalvageable with parts no longer available or bores that had collapsed or become contaminated.

To avoid this we arrange maintenance and repair teams to review all our wells, they support the villages and provide spare parts, expertise and training designed to enable each village to gradually become less reliant on us and more able to take on some of the responsibilities for their own wells and maintenance.  This is proving an effective method for ensuring longevity and we are determined that this vital work should continue.

Busu well, Pujehun. June 2020
Pelewahun well, Pujehun. June 2020
Waiima well, Pujehun 2020

To do this however, we are reliant on constant support from friends and donors.  This enables us to arrange for essential consumable parts (such as seals and cylinders which become worn with use) to be available and components needed to repair damage from accidental breakages can be bought and delivered to the villages in need.

If you are reading this, you care and you can help.

If you feel you can support us, by a single donation or if possible a regular payment of even just £2.00 or £3.00 a month, this would represent a vital contribution to our ongoing work.

You will be playing your part in keeping the supply of clean water flowing in villages where just this action will literally save lives, most notably in children, in a country still struggling to emerge from immense poverty and where clean water remains a luxury not an assumed right.

We are 100% funded by donations, and have virtually no administration costs.  Your donation goes directly to keeping these wells going.  Donations that can be gift aided cost you no more, but become worth an additional 25% to us and our work.

If you feel able, please donate by following any of the links on this site.

Thank you.